We are living with our Ridgebacks in South Africa.

"Lionsdogs" are our passion, esp. old african bloodlines, as there are Glenaholm, Sarula, Chucklenook, Mushana, Umvutcha, Excalibur, Pleasantview, Clachan...luckely we found this lines in famous European kennels like Ye Japha, Shangani und Imkahena.

In honour of the old Ridgeback "pioneers" we try our best to preserve those lines in breeding for next generations.

Our dogs are family-members, but with instinct and temperament of beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks....


Lionsriver is a FCI and KUSA registered kennel.


Gukatiwa, Fibi & Quma
Ye Japha Gukatiwa X of Lionsriver